Esquisse d'a-struction = Esquisse d'a-[depuis qu’il a commencé à respirer et à se nourrir jusqu’à l’invention des engins atomique en passant par la découverte du feu, l’homme n’a rien fait d’autre qu’allègrement dissocier des milliards de structures pour les réduire à un état où elles ne sont plus susceptibles d’intégration]*
*Tristes Tropiques
[ Claude Lévi-Strauss ]
I live in an existence with my own choosing. There are several existences that surround us and i just picked one” A.


"A lot of people can conclude that Beaini is a complicated artist with a lot to say, other people may consider his art-creation as a waste of time, But if it was up for me to decide i would say Beaini is the only person who saw Beirut so vividly and for real/ than the rest of us."

"Angelo Beaini photos are like the cancer disease you can’t detect it and it is there in your body, in your life, in your world, yet you are too blind to see it, and you keep ignoring such fact until it grows and kill you, it got no cure."